WA Production EDM Melody Loops


Publisher : WA Production
Website : waproduction.com
Format : MIDI, WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : 360 Melody WAV & MIDI Loops: “What About: EDM Melody Loops” from WA Production is a huge package filled with various types of dry / wet tunes. Created for all lovers of Electro, Deep, Future, Progressive, Melbourne and House. In this package you will find everything from introductory and piano melodies to breakdowns on loops. All loops are labeled with a key, so you know exactly which one is best for your mix.

Content :
• 15 Big Room Melodes (Dry, Wet Version + MIDI)
• 30 Big Saw Melodies (+ MIDI)
• 20 Electro Melodies (Dry, Wet Version + MIDI)
• 15 Melbourne Melodies (Dry, Wet Version + MIDI)
• 39 Progressive Melodies (+ MIDI)
• 10 Bonus Piano Melodies (+ MIDI)


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